How to earn money in One day in India

How to earn money in One day in India:

I have came across so many searches in internet that How to make money and some of my friends has also asked that How to earn money quickly, so i have came with this article to give all their answers and how one can really earn some money by sitting in home as a student, as a housewife or even as a pensioner.


See for achieving a goal there will be always two or more different ways those two will be short term goal and long term goal. If you are the one who is planning about the long term goal then my best wishes are with you but if you are the one who is just looking for a short term goal to earn money then i will wish you a hard luck.

Earning money through internet:

There are so many ways to earn money from internet some includes a handsome amount of investment and some are there which doesn’t require investment. Here I am listing some ways to earn money from internet:

1. Blogging: Everyone has got the idea of blogging nowadays but no one has seen the potential in it. Okay If you start blogging it may take 1 month, 2 months or sometime half of a year to get a good traffic amount. So here comes the earning from blogging, everyone will be thinking about the Google AdSense but let me tell you something you can even approach brands which comes under you niche so if their sell growth becomes higher then you will get a good amount from that brand.

2. YouTube: This mode has also been well know to all the people out there who is searching for online money. But the difficulty arises when after working for i mean making videos for 1 year also you don’t get good amount of subscribers in your channel. Once you have good amount of subscribers You can even earn from Affiliate marketing.

3. Product Review: This filed has also good potential of earning if and only if one has a good communication technique with the customers.

4. Earn by selling items on third party platforms: Okay this might sound new to some readers, but yes there are so many platforms are there where you can create your product and you just need to market them to sell your product and the rest works i mean the packing, delivery and everything they will handle. Isn’t that awesome?

5. Earn From social media: We are only passing our time in Facebook, Instagram or in Whatsapp do you even have any idea how some people are making dollars from social media. If you have a good Instagram handle with 1M or 100K followers i mean active followers then you can become an Influencer over Social media. You will be using some branded products and you just have to review them and tell people to use that. so many people are making money by promoting items on their facebook page or in instagram page.

6. Earn by Website development: So many bloggers, or shopkeepers now they want their own website to rank in Google by which they can increase their sell and grow a market value of their own product if they have one. You can earn good money by building a simple website but for that you need some Technical skills that how to develop website.

These are some methods of earning some money from internet. So many are left i know but trust me in these mentioned methods you will definitely get success if you are determined.

Some Offline earning Tips:

1. MOMO Stall: Yes, you read it right MOMO stall. People are earning very good by setting up a MOMO stall. One plate MOMO costs nearly Rs. 50. Okay in a day he will be selling nearly 50-100 plates easily. Considering the maximum sell in a day total earning will be RS. 5000. All the ingredients and making charges you can take as maximum as Rs. 30. So profit from one plate is Rs. 20. In one day if he can sell 100 plates of MOMO then his profit will be Rs. 2000/ day. In the end of month Rs. 60,000 will be in his pocket. So now i guess you have understood the potentiality in this platform.

2. Tea Stall: People in city town they consume as much as tea they can specially the working people whenever they get break from their work they will go to tea stall. So similar mathematics applies on this business as well.

These are some methods which will take negligible amount of investment but a huge profitability in long term run.

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