My personal Motivation to become the best version of Yourself

My personal Motivation to become the best version of Yourself:

Before reading this article i would recommend you to prepare your mindset for a new adaptation. Because after reading this article your life is going to take a turn i assure you that. Everybody in this universe once in a lifetime they have also felt downfall in their life that is for sure, because without failure there is no success. With that said i would like to start this article.


Warren Buffett once said that ‘the more you learn, the more you earn’ and that is so true, I do not know whether you have noticed it or not. Look at the successful people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and any other highly successful human being . They are successful because they use their time rightly. They are successful because they are lifetime learners and most importantly they commit to learn new things on every single day. Okay now let me tell you some interesting facts, Warren Buffett one of the most wealthiest person in real life he is famous for reading more than or at least 5 hours every single day. And Bill Gates reads one book per week and there are more such examples are there so did you notice the common thing in between these highly successful people most of you might be thinking that they all read books, No! that’s not the common thing they read to learn new things so they never stop learning.

Okay now think about this, You have $100,000 dollars to spend every single day but when the day is over money disappears, You can not get it back. So now tell me wouldn’t you try to spend all of the money before it disappears, wouldn’t you try to use it wisely? Use it as best as you could but the sad part is you have only a single day that is 86400 seconds on every single day and most of us takes this time for granted. Most of us let this time disappear, we never use it wisely. But when it comes to money then everybody would start to take action on it but did you ever think that how the money will come to you? No you didn’t. So use your time wisely. We must be productive, we must use our time to do things we enjoy, to set up our life. So that we can spend our future to do more productive things. Instead of wasting your time to do meaningless things, use it to learn new things.

Most people give up on their dreams because it gets too hard. A lot of student stop chasing their dreams because of one failed test. And the matter of fact is that most students don’t even try their best when they the test because in their mind they have already failed the test. Finally what they do is stop believing themselves and once the belief is killed the dream is killed. If you have a dream you must do every thing to make it into reality. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail a test, never stop believing in yourself. Life itself is a test sometimes you will fail but the only way you can be a failure is if you stop trying.

Push yourself to become the person you are destined to become. If you want to get the results what you have never got before you have to do things to make it possible.

Success is not about the money or the fame, it is all about the best version you become for yourself.

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