Redmi Note 5,Panic Button India, OPPO Super VOOC, Whatsapp

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Redmi Note 5, Oneplus 5T Sandstone, Panic Button India, OPPO Super VOOC

  1. Oneplus 5T stanstone variant is expected to be launched in India By January 5, 2018.

  2. We all have a kickstart in New Year but there is a sad news for those who are still using BB-10 (BlackBerry 10) and the windows OS and also the BlackBerry OS Phones, and that is they will no longer have the access of whatsapp in their phone, whatsapp has given a grace period of two weeks to move to anroid or IOS device for the existing users.
  3. Next Update is From Japan, One of the Hospital in japan they are planning to use Robots in the Hospital during specially the night shifts when there are very few nurses are available and if everything goes right then for some medicine emergency also they can use the same Robot. Because we all know that Robots are multitasking.

  4. OPPO is working on Super VOOC technology that is pretty amazing technology because with this we will be able to charge our device within no time they are assuming it should not take more than 15 minutes to full charge the battery of the phone.
  5. Next update is from Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, the price of this device has be reduced from Rs 35,999.00 to Rs. 32,999.00 and which is pretty similar price to OnePlus 5T but in my opinion the camera performance in OnePlus 5T is better than the Mi Mix 2. Other than the camera performance everything has pretty similar in these two devices.
  6. Panic Button in India: This thing will be helpful to all of us, like whenever we will be in trouble there will be one button to press and emergency call will be generated to your dear ones. This will be the technology. It may be a hardware button or software the latest update is yet to come.
  7. Nextupdate is from Samsung, Samsung is working on Rollable display where finger print sensor will also be enabled.

  8. Redmi note 5 with snapdragon 632: Everyone’s favorite phone Redmi Note 5 is expected to be launched in Quarter two of 2018. So for the device to be launched, the 632 processor should come to the market so it is also yet to be launched.
  9. There was case filed against WeChat that they are storing all the data of the users but finally WeChat has said that they are not storing any data’s of the WeChat users.

  10. The last big News is Apple may be going to acquire Netfilix, The news is not confirmed yet but very soon I will be updating every details of it. If it happens then may be in future time we apple users may get a free connection of Netflix.Thanks for reading, that’s it for 3rd Janauary 2018,  Technology Daily. You can be our subscribers if you want to get notified on Technology Daily’s update.

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