BSNL welcome offer, Apple Revenue Loss, OPERA Browser, AADHAAR Data leak, Samsung EXYNOS 9810

BSNL welcome offer, Apple Revenue Loss, OPERA Browser, AADHAAR Data leak, Samsung EXYNOS 9810

1.Microsoft Xbox One x: If you are a gamer then this news will bring smile to your face, yes Microsoft Xbox One X will be available in India From Jan 15, 2018 and the matter of fact is the price will be Rs. 44,990.00. This is the latest model of Xbox manufactured by Microsoft. The price is a bit higher but Gaming consoles will be really good.

2.Nokia 6(2018): The phone has got leaked again before the launch. So let us see when the phone will be launched in India and in what price range. Most importantly we will see that what processor it will take to use in this device.

3.BSNL welcome offer: BSNL said that they are giving 2GB free data to their fresh users that is to the new subscribers of BSNL. They are thinking that by doing this they will be able to make some new subscribers under them.

4.Samsung EXYNOS 9810: They have done a showcase of this EXYNOS 9810 processor. It will support 18 LTE modem, so it will also support for AI. The face recognition feature is also so strong in this processor. We will be able to see this processor in Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus. It has been designed by 10 nm technology pretty much similar to Snapdragon 845 chipset.

5. SAMSUNG: The next big update is Samsung has become the world’s largest chip manufacturing company. If we talk about the revenue, Samsung has even crossed the total revenue of Intel in 2017. Intel though has more hands on the laptop chip maker industry but Samsung has surpassed them in the total revenue.

6.Apple Revenue Loss: Apple phones are also having some battery issues, so for the battery replacement they have reduced the prices. For this Apple is expected to have a loss of 10 billion dollar in their revenue. Tim Cook (Chief Executive Officer of Apple) seems to be upset when this news has came out.

7.AIRTEL: Airtel is giving a sum of Rs. 1500 as a cashback on some selected Samsung 4G mobiles. Even Vodafone has also came out with this model in the market. But it has seen that the mobiles are not that good in quality. So be aware of this offer.

8.OPERA Browser: In the latest OPERA Browser they have got a feature which will prevent your laptop or computer from cryptocurrency mining. If you use this browser then your computing power will be totally in your hand no other people can hack your computing power to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple Coin etc.

9.AADHAAR Data leak: A report has said that the AADHAAR data has been leaked in the market and available for Rs. 500.00. But UIDAI (Who manages the AADHAAR Card data) has said that this is a rumor that AADHAAR data is totally safe and secured. So, do not be panic they have given the full assurance that your data will be safe and secured.

10. Whatsapp Messages: Whatsapp has said that in the day of new year the total number of messages were 70 Billion and in India total messages sent were 20 Billion nearly we have used One third of their total sent messages. That was the major reason why Whatsapp got hanged for nearly one hour in India.

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