Google Chrome with Machine Learning, Fake SMS, Fully Self Driving Cars, Apple App Store Purchase

Google Chrome with Machine Learning, Fake SMS, Fully Self Driving Cars, Apple App Store Purchase,One plus Sandstone, Samsung Flexible phones, Credit Card with Fingerprint support, UBER pass, Artificial Muscle, Snapdragon 760

1. Fake SMS: If you are getting any SMS like your mobile phone service will be expired by 7 Jan, then be aware this is totally a fake news. From every communication providers it has been confirmed that they are not sending any SMS to their existing users.

One more News is that the date of AADHAAR linkage with your mobile phone had been extended up to 31st March 2018. So, keep linking your AADHAAR details till then.

2. One plus Sandstone: So finally, One Plus Sandstone variant will be on sell from 9th Jan with price of 449 pound. By the look it will be similar like One Plus Stars wars edition just the Stars wars logo will not be here that is the only difference you will notice.

3. Samsung Flexible phones: Samsung has taken a patent for the flexible screen designing. Upcoming Samsung Galaxy X phone may be a flexible flagship phone.

4. Fully Self Driving Cars: The first Fully Autonomous Commercial car is soon going to run on the roads of Holland. A company named Amber has implemented its features with BMW motors and the car model is BMW i3. Most probably on the trial run they will be running these cars at night time. So, let us hope this time a successful result will come.

5. Snapdragon 760: Snapdragon 760 Processor has been leaked on the geekbench report. This will be a powerful processor as compared to other processors in this range. So, on the coming days we will be able see this processor on some mid-range flagship devices.

6. Artificial Muscle: It can mimic Human muscles, it has got some amazing self-healing techniques. If you get cut in your body, it can even heal that too. This is a kind of robotic muscles, Robots and even humans can use this Artificial Muscle.

7. Apple App Store Purchase: Apple has said that on the day of new year only total 300 million worth app were being purchased from Apple App Store. On the week of Christmas, the total app store transaction was 890 Million. That is a huge amount isn’t it?

8. Credit Card with Fingerprint support: A new security approach where there will be finger print sensor installed on the credit card itself so that other than you no one can use that. The main motive for this sort of development is to provide more security to the consumers. The company name is Gemalto who is working in this project.

9. UBER pass: The most awaited news for the daily cab users. Till now we all were using OLA pass for our regular usage. So now UBER pass is also available in 7 major cities where you can travel at a flat rate. The major 7 cities are Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune and Chennai.

10. Google Chrome with Machine Learning: From now onwards Google Chrome will be using Machine Learning Technology to safe it’s users from the malicious link. Sometime while browsing we end up in some malicious websites which can sometime track our device so, google chrome with this new technology will safe us from this malicious links or websites.

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