Worlds fastest internet connection, LG, VIVO X20 Plus,GOOGLE play Store policy

Flipkart’s mobile sell, NISSAN, Worlds fastest internet connection, LG, UBER, VIVO X20 Plus, GOOGLE play Store policy

1. Flipkart’s mobile sell is live, and it has already started in 3rd Jan and it will be valid till 5th Jan. If you are planning to buy a new Smartphone, then this is the right time you waited for. Prices will be very less as compared to other regular days so grab your new phone now.


2. Next Update is from Car Manufacturing company NISSAN, they are planning for a car to be built which will automatically read your brain that is it will know what will be your next move. Whether you want to turn Left or Right, or You want to accelerate or brake. So, by this technology Nissan may able to develop a safe car to drive.

3. Worlds fastest internet connection: It has been established between Hong kong and Los Angeles and it was fully under water cable connection. The maximum speed measured was 140 Gbps. That is more than enough for our day to day regular uses.

4. Next update is from Electronics Giant LG, there is a rumor that G series (G7) phones of LG will be no more they are planning to launch some other model instead of this G series (G7).

5. A new technique is coming which will remove the salt from the sea Water. We all know that day by day our drinking water resources are getting less so if we can purify sea water which mainly consists of salt, then surely we can use the sea water for drinking and other required purposes. So it is expected that the Machine will be less in cost and more efficient.


6. Data consumption in India: A news has come that In India the average data consumption per day is 1.6GB. So this is the news on June 2017 but now you can assume that what has been the data consumption growth rate after all the service providers tariff plans has been made absolutely cheap.

7. The next update is from UBER: They have said that on new year they had a booking of 22000 cabs in a single day and all the drivers were able to complete nearly 18 rides on average. That is pretty awesome. I think OLA should take care of this fact. Because they are rival in this industry.

8. VIVO X20 Plus: A picture has been leaked of this device and it is seen that it has got under display fingerprint scanner. So let us see when it will be launched in market and whether it can successfully run this feature on their phone or not.


9. The next big news is from mobile manufacturing industry. They have said that there will be less production in 2018 and Apple will be increasing their market share.

10. GOOGLE play Store policy: There was a 30% and 70% profit sharing between the developers and the Google. But now if there is in App Subscription in the Applications then the developer can earn more money or else it has reduced to 15% and 85% respectively in between the developers and the Google.


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